Workshops are the heart of our storytelling, it’s where people meet and share their lived experiences, and learn to creatively embody their own stories whilst discovering themselves in each others’ – realising they’re not so alone.


Workshops are the engine room, where ideas, dreams and experiences are explored, different and new-parts of the self discovered and the seed for advocacy is sown.


Gambling is so deeply shrouded in shame, yet the creative workshops can lighten the load as people learn to creatively unpack their own experiences, supported by our core group members.


As confidence and skills develop there’s opportunity for people to work in more detail with our artistic director Catherine Simmonds who can help develop and render your personal story for performance.

If you thought someone would listen, what would you say?

Catherine Simmonds OAM

People who’ve been affected by gambling come together in a non-judgmental, fun and supportive way to explore the stories of their lived experiences. It’s your story and you’re the expert of your own experience. The creative workshop process builds the skills and ability for participants to speak up and to embody their story.

Creativity enables us to think, see and experience things from different angles, contributing to the journey of recovery.
A powerful feeling of trust and connection develops with others in the group and as your confidence grows there are opportunities to shape your personal story into performance with our artistic director Catherine Simmonds.

Through storytelling, participants raise awareness about the reality of gambling harm, transforming into powerful advocates for change. Our performances continue to create impact, evoking a deep respect from audiences toward those who perform.
New members are always welcome.

If you need support, contact Gambler's Help 1800 858 858 or Lifeline 13 11 14

The Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation provides funding to Self Help Addiction Resource Centre to support people to tell their stories of gambling harm through the Three Sides of the Coin project.